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Great Speeches Volume 2
This remarkable series inaugurated our company and had an enormous impact of the study of speech. For 25 years libraries and instructors have archived and preserved some of history’s most influential addresses. Now and 25 years from now you and your students can watch FDR declare war, Churchill attack Hitler, Harry Truman announce the bombing of Japan, Lou Gehrig bid farewell to baseball, Martin Luther King, Jr. relay his dream, Nixon resign the presidency, Reagan plead to tear down the Berlin Wall, and a young Barack Obama ignite a 2004 convention in a speech that would change the course of the country. In their entirety— at your fingertips—in a clear full screen (widescreen where available) image, these speeches breathe life and relevancy into our history and clearly demonstrate the power of speech! More than just speeches, each is accompanied by a biography and analysis of the event and the speech. As Walter Cronkite used to say, “You are there!” To celebrate our 25th anniversary, call us for special prices on the purchase of multiple volumes or access to our On Demand website.
Great Speeches Volume 2
An effective tool for the introductory speech course at the secondary or college level. These lecture-launching, discussion-provoking videos are ideal for in-class showing. Dr. Jessica Stowell provides simple stepby- step explanations of the various components and skills required for effective communication.
Great Speeches Volume 2
As a companion to our Great Speeches Series, the Today's Women Series offers important, but hard, if not impossible, to find speeches by contemporary and historically influential women: Barbara Jordan to Elizabeth Edwards, Margaret Thatcher to Michelle Obama, Sara Weddington to Lilly Ledbetter and Condoleezza Rice to Hillary Clinton. This collection presents noteworthy speeches that command attention not only for gender studies, but also for any serious study of historic public addresses.
Student Speeches for Analysis Series
By observing and analyzing some of the best and worst speech techniques, students are encouraged to examine their own speeches more critically.A supplement to any speech textbook, these programs offer the following features:
  • Introductions, Informative and Persuasive Speeches
  • A variety of interesting topics and speech techniques.
  • Speeches range from outstanding to very weak
The Campaign Seires
Some of the best speeches given by Republican and Democratic party
leaders from their last six conventions are presented in their entirety.
The Foundations of Communication Series
The only NCA-sanctioned series of its kind for both graduate and under-graduate application. Each video in this series allows a distinguished scholar to introduce course material and generate class discussion.
Great Moments from Great Speeches

A narrative presentation of the greatest rhetorical moments of the 20th Century. Visually and rhetorically introduces high school and college students to these and other key history makers:

Franklin Roosevet • John Kennedy • Ronald Reagan • Adolf Hitler • Martin Luther King, Jr. • Colin Powell • Winston Churchill • Richard Nixon • Hillary Clinton • Eleanor Roosevelt • Jimmy Carter • Bill Clinton • Harry Truman • Geraldine Ferraro • Nelson Mandela • Douglas MacArthur • Jesse Jackson • Christopher Reeve

Cat. # 1024D
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Words of War

"'ve really identified what's happening in these presidential addresses. Your four stages really hold up no matter the date or the war. I feel like if everyone saw this video, we would not be led as easily into what the narrator calls, 'this great killer of youth…' -Pete Weissman, Political Speechwriter, Washington D.C.

An original examination of how presidents rhetorically move a nation to war.:

  • Provocation "The deeds of our enemy are evil."
  • Justification "War is in our national interests."
  • Lamentation "We hate war."
  • Inspiration "We will win!"

Cat. # 3802D
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Great Speeches the Presidents

Original (and often rare) audio and video footage brings these American leaders into your classroom.

Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama

Cat. # 1903D
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Great Speeches The Candidates Wives

Barbara Bush electrified the 1992 Republican Convention by being the first wife of a candidate to speak in behalf of her husband at the national convention since Eleanor Roosevelt—and on prime time television. Since then speeches by the candidates’ wives have been an expected part of a national campaign. This program highlights some of those.

  • Barbara Bush - 1992 RNC Address
  • Elizabeth Dole - 1996 RNC Address
  • Tipper Gore - 1996 & 2000 DNC Addresses
  • Hillary Clinton - 1996 Campaign Speech & 2000 DNC Address
  • Laura Bush - 2000 RNC Address
  • and more...
Cat. # 8251D
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Great Moments from Great Speeches
Ted Sorenson on Speechwriting

JFK's legendary speechwriter offers a skills-oriented presentation on the fine points of writing an effective speech. He thoroughly enumerates and explains the various structural and literary components that make up a successful speech. Highly recommended for any advanced speech or speech composition class.

Cat. # 2451D
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Ceremonial Speaking

As an ancillary to the textbook, Pomp & Circumstance: Ceremonial Speaking or a stand-alone video, this program provides models of commencement, eulogy and commemorative speeches.

Cat. # 2398D
DVD - 89 min. - $60.00 Add To Cart View Cart

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